Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sample 33 - Mixed Emotions (Taguig '09)

While it may be worth it for some people to pay to be up close when a barrage of fireworks are fired into the sky, some of us with cameras may beg to differ - I should know. There was at least one evening that I was close to punching myself for being too close - too close that 18mm on the lens was no longer as wide as I thought; too close and too bright for the camera's shutter to be set to anything less than half a second.

This shot was taken on the evening of the first Philippine International Pyromusical Competition, which I witnessed with a couple of good friends, Dawin and Rowi (and her sister). So why haven't I posted any fireworks?... Next time na lang po. I have to be honest. I found this picture separated from where it's supposed to be - in my November '09 Folder. I was about to gripe about how this shot could have possibly been the best one I took that evening, but when I took a quick scroll up and down the folder where the rest of the shots were, well, I'm imagining there will be more to follow.

By the way, it may be impossible to reshoot this picture - I think someone bought and is starting to build over this grassy parking lot, last time I saw. 

 God bless you!

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